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Hi! My name is Jess Wampach and I just adopted "Snuggles" from
Safe Haven this past Thursday. I just wanted to send a photo and a quick
note to let you know he's fitting in just fine and getting along with big
brother "Mac" (who I adopted from SH about 2 yrs ago) as well. He is an
absolute joy to our family. We couldn't love him more. Thank you so much
for all you do for those poor, sweet animals.

Jessica Wampach



I tried emailing you before and wanted to let you know how Reggie (now named Gus) is doing.
He has such a unique personality and such a talker! He is doing well health wise, although he has recently started to spray since moving into our new house. We are trying to figure out the problem and recently started him on medication to see if it will help.
Other than that we have pieces of tinfoil around the house and it seems to deter him and he hasn't picked other places (so far) to spray.
He is definitely a dominant cat as he does like to pick on my older cat some. We found a kitten a few months ago and they hit it off so well that we decided to keep her (after attempting to find the owner) and they are in love! They sleep together, groom each other, and play together which is exactly what he needed.

He wants to wish you a happy holiday season and thank you for finding him a home!! He loves it here and we love having him here. I attached a rare picture, which is him and my older cat sleeping in a chair together. Doesn't happen often, but he likes her. She doesn't care much for him and finds him pretty disgusting really. Hahaha!

Laura Holder (Schneiter)



Bob & Betty had adopted 2 other kittens from a local shelter but the kittens were infected with FIP and unfortunately passed away. Grief stricken, Betty was looking on petfinder.org and saw Pinky and Smudge and it was love at first sight. Betty & Bob arranged to come and meet Pinky and Smudge on a visit to Rochester as they live in Duluth. Due to the FIP virus, there was a required waiting period recommended by their veterinarian before Bob & Betty were finally able take the girls home. At the end of July, the wait was over and Pinky & Smudge traveled to their new home Duluth. Betty still gives us updates on how they are and below is an excerpt from one of her letters.

“They are both doing just great. Smudge likes to have her belly scratched, and she is getting to be more vocal all the time. Pinky is just a sweetie, and likes to get inside of cabinets that she shouldn't be in so I've had to tie some of the cabinet handles together to keep her out! She definitely is the more curious of the two but they are playing more and more each day; even Smudge likes to play with the toy mice now. Pinky loves to walk around the house in the middle of the night with a play mouse in her mouth talking up a storm, sometimes I even have to call her by name to get her to quiet down so we can sleep. We did have a real field mouse come into the house, and they both had it cornered in the area around their food dishes. What an experience for both of them! I don't know if they ever had a real mouse in their lives before. They didn't hurt it, but Pinky was batting at it and Smudge was guarding the area so it didn't get away. Bob found a box to trap it, and took it back outside and let it go after he told the mouse to be sure to tell all his friends not to come into our house, as we had cats that didn't tolerate them!”

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