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What is A Special Pal??

Sadly, many of the cats and dogs that are rescued by Safe Haven have experienced physical and/or emotional trauma of one sort or another before coming to us.  They are often in need of immediate veterinary care for their injuries, as well as time and a safe place to recuperate.  These pets deserve a safe, loving home just as much as the other pets we rescue but they usually require a prolonged stay at Safe Haven and veterinary costs are much higher.

With the mind-boggling number of pets that need to be rescued and our limited space and resources, there is competition for each cage or kennel space that comes open.  Many humane societies simply refuse to take injured or abused pets because of the extra cost and time it may take to rehabilitate the animal.  Sadly, these are the pets that are most in need of help!  In the past, Safe Haven has been committed to rescuing these sorts of cats and dogs.  It is so rewarding to see how these animals can recover with a little good care.

To help defray the extra costs, Safe Haven has a  "Special Pal" program.  A Special Pal is someone who would like to donate money to Safe Haven specifically to help defray the veterinary costs associated with a specific pet.  This program allows us to continue to help those unfortunate pets who would otherwise probably be put down. 

The pets in this program are pets that will be placed for adoption as soon as they are healthy and well.  You can become a "Special Pal" to one of these cats or dogs for just $10 a month or $120 per year.  Your contribution to one of these pets is making it possible for them to recover and live a happy, healthy life.   


Turtle Sundae

Turtle Sundae is about 6 months old and is a spayed female. She was rescued by Rochester Animal Control when they picked her up with a broken rear leg.  Her leg required a pin to set it but she is on the mend!



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